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  • About Nano Solver

    We are in a constant race to meet the increasing requirements of industries. With our innovative software solution we help companies to improve their processes and enhance their technologies to create economics of scale and higher returns. Our solutions provide the optimum in modern highperformance and functionality as well as design, whilst maximizing quality and minimizing cost. Our global partners as well as close linkages to the industry help to develop innovative and pioneering solutions. Challenging innovations excite us. Our office is based in Halle (Saale), Germany with access to highly talented and skilled staff in Europe and Asia. Our goal is to become the best provider of advanced software solutions, analytics, nanotechnology and robotic products.

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Our Solutions
  • We are a young company and passionate about our work.

    Our mission is to offer products and services in areas where innovative solutions are needed to improve business outcomes and shape successful strategies to help organizations increase their efficiency. Our areas of focus include automotives and the automotive industry, pharma and healthcare services, logistics and the application and mobile phone industry. We work closely with leading research institutions and companies experienced in the sectors we serve.

  • We build customized solutions.

    We try to understand how companies and industries operate and shape our products according to the respective needs. The high degrees of specialization cannot be addressed by pre-made solutions. We work intensely on understanding the industries needs and requirements to transform the clarity into a successful solution. Continuous, streamlined and effective interaction ensures that we are in perfect alignment with our clients’ needs and desires.

  • We lower costs by using open source platforms and automated processes.

    We are able to deliver precise results at very low costs by deploying open source platforms and our automated processes. Still offering offer most advanced functionality. Our clients benefit from huge cost savings. Using open source platforms allows us to work fast and precise. All of this ensures spending as less as possible to achieve target business outcomes.

  • We develop practical, implementable products

    With our results oriented approach, our customers will be able to make significant improvements that can enhance customer responsiveness, reduce costs and position their business for growth. The result is increased competitiveness and economies of scale.

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Our Partners